Residence and Service Options

Independent Living

Independent Living is much like living in a traditional apartment complex or condominium. Residents have the freedom to live according to their own schedules. Monthly rent can include a number of services such as transportation, housekeeping and meals. Each of our communities provide additional individual assistance such as medication administration and personal care right in your suite so as to extend your independent lifestyle. Many of our Independent residents decide to continue driving as well. While all three meals are included in our cost, many of our independent residents chose to visit restaurants, symphony's and other entertaining events with friends and also enjoy vacations, weddings and other family gatherings.


Assisted Living

Assisted Living is an excellent option for seniors seeking an active and vibrant lifestyle while also receiving the help they need with daily activities.  Assisted Living residents can enjoy the same flexible lifestyle as their Independant counterparts while receiving more personal care when required. Assisted Living is a long-term care alternative that combines housing, support services and health-care as needed. We say to folks that Assisted Living is simply, “apartment living with help when you need it.” You can enjoy all of the Freedoms of Independent Living and the care you need in the privacy of your own suite! Many families when looking for Assisted Living for their parents will ask, "can we come and get mom and take her to lunch or can she stay at our house through the holidays?" The answer is emphatically, yes! When an indivdual lives in a suite they can freely go on a vacation, take a trip out of town for the weekend or attend a family event. You may be asked to sign out and give a tentative date of return but the freedom to come-and-go is always there.

The number one question that arises in a families life is, "when is it time to choose Assisted Living for myself or my parent?" We consult families struggling with this question every day. I will tell you that most families respond, "as long as they are safe we want them at home." We will boldly say to you that whether you choose a Regency Retirement Village community or another,  you should make the decision for Assisted Living today! We will not use the negitive statistics of choosing before a traumatic event but will share with you the numerous positive experiences where the adult children will tell us, after the months and years of anguishing over the decision to move their parents from their home of 40 plus years,  when they finally made the move they wished they had made the choice years before. Why? Because they saw how their parent(s) immediately made friendships with individuals with the same life-experiences as themselves, they got involved in life enriching programs that gave them a sense of purpose. Plus they could put the worries of making mistakes while self-medicating behind them and to stop fretting over that big house and all of the problems that were mounting up. The adult children were able to pass along to us the daily role of caregiver, and transition back into the role of daughter or son again while enjoying the time spent with their parents rather than arguing over bills and the extra work of operating two house-holds! The peace-of-mind received from our families and residents is priceless! They would tell you right now to make the decision for Assisted Living and wait not one day longer!

We have also found that the adult children try and get their parent (s) involved in the decision making and we highly recommend that they be a part of the process. However, I can tell you that invariably the parent will not make the decision. The adult child, for the sake and safety of their parent, must step up to the plate and make the decision for them in most cases. We know there are strong emotions of guilt and the awkwardness of the adult child changing roles with their parent (s) however; the greatest regret we hear is from the children that wait too long and usually allow a decision to be made for them through a traumatic event. We see so many wonderful seniors, with such great potential of truly enjoying a quality of life that we can share with them, completely bypass the freedom of this new and exciting lifestyle called Assisted Living because the family wanted to wait until their parent would make the final decision.


The next big question our families ask is, "when will my parent have to move from Assisted Living/Memory Care to a Nursing Home?" The most common reasons would be:

* unable to transfer from their wheelchair to bed or toilet

* Unable to ambulate their wheelchair

* Unable to feed themselves or swallow foods

* Unable to communicate their needs

* Uncontrollable combativeness toward other resident and/or staff

* Strong desire to wander and elope from premises


There are more reasons than the ones we have listed above but sufficed to say,  there are more invasive care needs that only a Nursing Home would provide for such as tube feeding, pick lines,complete incontinance, etc. Many of the regulations vary from State-to-State so check with one of our communities located in the State where you have an interest. (See our "Locations" tab for a community near you.)

Working together with the resident and their physicians, we create an environment for a longer and healthier life.

Some of our available Assisted Living services include:
• Trained medical staff
• 24-hour emergency call system
• Three nutritious meals per day, plus snacks
• Medication management
• Personal housekeeping, laundry and linen services
• Scheduled transportation
• Exercise and wellness programs

Memory Care

Our philosophy and approach for our residents with Memory Challenges is, “we are not making memories...we are making moments.” Every interaction our staff has with a resident with Memory Challenges, is a personal activity.

Our staff nurtures each resident’s individuality through personal relationships by learning what is important to each of them. Our desire is to help our residents retain their dignity through meaningful personalized activities and caring for their personal needs in the privacy of their own suite.

It is our passion to create an environment of independence for our residents by not asking our families, “what their parent can no longer do but rather guiding them in what they CAN do! We desire to make sure our residents are able to retain, as long as possible, the skills-sets they have currently. This guided independance helps them retain their dignity as well!

Our family of communities work hand-in-hand with their local Alzheimer’s Association's to assist in continued education of our staff, hosting support groups for our families, and educating the markets we serve.

All of the amenities and services listed above titled, “Assisted Living,” are included in our Memory Care area as well. In addition,  the caregiver to resident ratio is much greater so as to provide true personalized care.

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Continuum of Care Campus

A Continuum of Care Campus (CCC) is a wonderful option for seniors who are looking for stability, continuity, and peace of mind. A (CCC) combines four types of senior living within the same campus such as, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care on-site Rehab and a Skilled Nursing Facility. Currently our Regency of Huntsville is currently our only (CCC) Provider.

There are several advantages in choosing a Continuum of Care Campus:

Priority placement
As a resident moves from independence to needing more care, our resident can be assured that there will be a placement as we give our resident priority to available rooms in-house before opening those to the public or those on our waiting lists.

Transitional Care

Additional care services are also offered on our campuses. There is no need to move to a completely new location. This is done with the resident's interest in mind, to lessen any potential transfer trauma. This allows our residents to age-in-place.

Respite (Short-term Stays) and On-Site Therapy services

Residents are often able to take advantage of short-term respite and therapy services which are offered in most of our communities, regardless of what level of care they require. Short-term stays (Respite) gives family caregivers a short break, or even a vacation, so they can get away or attend a family obligation such as a wedding or reunion. The respite resident will enjoy all of the amenities aa one of our full-time resident do on a daily basis.

Providing Physical Therapy services on-site gives our residents the care they need in the privacy of their own home. Residents do not have to travel to another facility, and we have found that on-site therapy encourages consistent appointments being met and the enjoyment of continuing  their relationships through activities and meals they would certainly miss being off-site.


Residence and Service Options

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